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S A V Y   F O N T A N A

Savy Fontana_2.jpg

Savy Fontana is a DJ & producer from Miami now based in Aspen, CO. With more than 20 years of experience in the music industry, Savy has quickly become a household name in the wedding circuit and party scene of Miami & Aspen. He is the Resident DJ of Betula Aspen, Bonito St. Barths, and Hard Rock Hollywood, FL.

His favorite part of DJ’ing is “the moment you drop the perfect song that gets everyone out onto the dance floor!” Savy works very closely with each of his couples and events to make sure he understands their personal musical style and reflects that in his performance, this is where his attention to detail shines!

Your wedding or event is in the best hands possible when you work with Dj Savy Fontana. He is an entertainment producer and lead DJ in the hybrid band "RAVE".

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